Leasing Director

Leasing  Director Performance Profile


Mission For This Role:


The Leasing Director position at WPD serves a very important role in ensuring we accomplish our overall mission and vision for the future. At WPD we strive to be the property management company of choice by raising the bar and providing quality standards to residents in the communities we serve alongside lifelong team members. The Leasing Director will be responsible for managing a team of leasing agents and an Assistant Director, and will manage our partnerships with subsidy groups and outside agents that impact leasing activity. 


Responsibilities will include but are not limited to:

  • Performance management, coaching and general support of the Assistant Director of Leasing, and each leasing agent, with the goal of helping each person achieve their professional goals and be the best team member they can be. 
  • Set department goals, drive the team’s overall success, and maintain accurate reporting 
  • Audit processes and protocols to ensure all leasing activity runs optimally 
  • Manage staff hiring needs
  • Collaborate with other directors and the executive committee to plan and initiate company wide improvement initiatives.


What You’ll Accomplish – Your Performance Objectives


What will you need to do to establish immediate credibility and trust within our team in the first 3 months?

  • Build rapport with all your direct reports and your manager, and internalize our model, processes and systems.
  • Learn and internalize all subsidy partnerships and their important role in our leasing activity
  • Develop a strategic schedule that enables you to support and coach your team to reach their goals, adequately spend time in the field, and manage internal processes and reporting 
  • Respond promptly to all communications with team members, other staff, and outside partnerships
  • Ask questions and promote a dialogue to understand objectives and improved processes
  • Master our software programs and reporting expectations


In the first 6 months what will you need to accomplish to be considered a success?

  • Well connected with all members of your team and on the road to deepening those connections through coaching and support of each team member, tailored to their specific needs and professional goals. 
  • Improve or sustain the core items for success in your department (largely measured by monthly leasing activity)
  • Complete regular reporting and analysis for your team.
  • Ensure the leasing department is fully staffed and that tasks are properly delegated
  • Understanding of aged inventory strategies and how/when to implement them.


Important Personal Competencies


  • People / Team Builder: The Leasing Director must help both the individuals in the department and your team as a whole being the best they can be
  • Organized: The Leasing Director must be able keep track of multiple team members, spreadsheets, reports and processes to maintain efficiency.
  • Caring: At WPD our motto is “Above all else, CARE.” The Leasing Director must demonstrate care in every situation and with each team member or external partner to the point that all actions are rooted in this value.
  • Problem Solver: The Leasing Director must be able to solve issues quickly and efficiently. The Director must also be a self-starter that is looking for the long-term fix for repeating and lingering problems.
  • Effective Communicator: The Leasing Director must have strong communication skills that enable both giving and receiving coaching and feedback, as well as building strong external relationships with outside stakeholders. 


Role Details:

  • Full time position, Monday through Friday, hours generally 8am to 5pm, but may include occasional late hours and weekend
  • Salary is commensurate with experience, expected in the range of $75,00-$100,000
  • Benefits include PTO, health insurance, dental, vision, life insurance, 401k matching.




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