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Trusted Experts

Why Choose WPD

WPD Management LLC takes a proactive, hands-on and comprehensive approach to property management. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service and personally oversee all renovation projects and leasing activities, as well as facilitate ongoing management responsibilities. Our deep experience in the industry has led WPD to become one of the most trusted property management companies on Chicago’s South Side.


WPD Management 60615 South Side Chicago
Exceptional Service

Through an on-site presence at each building, prompt communication with residents and top notch building management, WPD works to retain residents and avoid the costly expense of building turnover.

60616 Apartments
Disciplined Approach

WPD employs a diligent and disciplined management approach to create and maintain desirable living accommodations. We work hard to simplify property management and save property owners time, while accommodating the complete needs of each building. Our approach drives demand for apartments to help maximize your investment’s cash flow potential.

60616 Apartment Management
Communication & Transparency

WPD maintains open communication with property owners through real time financial reporting. Residents can also reach WPD property managers 24 hours a day to ensure needs are met in a timely manner.

60653 Property Management

Property investors can enjoy ease of ownership and remain anonymous to residents by allowing WPD Management to handle the day to day building operations.

South Side Chicago Community
Commitment to the Community

WPD actively engages with community groups, neighbors and local police to cement strong relationships in the community, elevating the profile and reputation of the building.

Property owners can rest assured knowing WPD Management is overseeing their investment. We maintain an on-site presence at each property to foster strong relationships with residents, and are aligned with trusted partners ranging from contractors to insurance brokers and attorneys, making us well-equipped to handle any situation that may arise. WPD is committed to providing superior service that alleviates the burden on building owners, while maximizing their property investment.